About Backyard Windmills

BackyardWindmills.com is a division of Outdoor Water Solutions that manufactures and sells what it believes to be the best ornamental windmills and windmills for pond aeration on the market for small ponds and backyards � The Backyard Windmill by Outdoor Water Solutions.

Outdoor Water Solutions is one of the leading manufacturers of Windmill Aeration equipment in the world.

The Backyard Windmills by Outdoor Water Solutions maintains very high quality and reliability in the products that they manufacture. These windmills have been designed and built for both windmill enthusiasts and pond owners. Residential owners who perhaps have always wanted to own a windmill but never could justify the expense or backyard space to purchase one of the bigger windmills now have an alternative. Outdoor Water Solutions larger windmill products are sometimes just too big for a backyard.

The Backyard Windmill is also designed for pond owners who may have a small koi or fish pond and require aeration to keep the fish and water healthy and clean.

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