Decorative Wood Windmills

Decorative Wood Windmills

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Looking for decorative Wood Windmills?  Backyard Windmills offers decorative Wood Windmills in both small and large. This high quality decorative wooden windmill is stained, waterproofed and pre-drilled for easy assembly. Both small and large wooden windmills come with two high quality sealed bearings to keep your windmill head turning. Note: We do not use bushings on any of our products.

Wood windmills look great in yards, along driveways, or on your acreage. This unit features red tipped blades for that old-time traditional look.

Un-assembled, the windmill comes complete with the tower and head assembly. The fan diameter is 30″ and the unit is 10′ tall on the small wood windmill. A larger wood windmill measures an impressive 13’9” tall with a 40” head. These are beautiful windmills that will last for years.

Small Wood Backyard Windmill

This small wood backyard windmill is a new addition to Outdoor Water Solutions product line. A high quality stained wooden windmill, it is waterproofed and predrilled for easy assembly. This decorative small wood windmill would look great in your yard, ...

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Large Wood Backyard Windmill

Beautiful Large Wood Backyard Windmill The Large Wood Backyard Windmill is a new addition to Outdoor Water Solutions product line. A high-quality windmill that has been precut and predrilled for easy assembly.  Includes anchoring system and a one year warranty!  S ...

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I have had my 12’ Red & White Windmill for quite some time now and we really like it and how well it pumps air into our pond. We did have a problem with the windmill and they made a new part and now it works great. We have had 50mph + winds and no problems. . I like how the company stands behind there parts with great customer service.

Thanks John.
Steve Ontjes, Kingman AZ.